In a dynamic and developing energy market, immediate, efficient and competent action is required in many areas. GEODE has set up a number of members’ Working Groups, each focusing on a specific area, to build expertise and to closely follow and comment on new developments.

GEODE benefits from a wide range of members’ expertise and publishes reports on concrete issues that build the foundation of the associations’ proactive strategy.

GEODE Working Groups

GEODE WG Innovation & Development

Chairman: David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association (UK)

  • EC Task Force for the Implementation of Smart Grids
  • Energy Communities
  • Implementing Acts data interoperability
  • Local flexibility markets developments
  • Network Code Distributed Flexibility
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Metering and Data Handling
  • Storage, Self-Consumption, E-Vehicles
  • R&D
  • TSOs-DSOs cooperation

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Overview – Smart Grids, European Commission
European Commission Smart Grids Task Force

European Commission Electricity Regulatory Forum, Florence
Network Codes, Overview, ENTSO-E

European Stakeholder Committee


Chairwoman: Ina Lehto, Executive Senior Adviser, Finnis Energy (FI)

  • Follow closely the activities of the EU DSO Entity
  • Follow and support the work of the Entity’s Expert Groups

Relevant links:

Home | EU DSO Entity


Chairman: Prof. Christian Held, Attorney, BBH (DE)

  • DSO-TSO CooperationGEODE Messages to the EC Gas Regulatory Forum (Madrid Forum)
  • Green Gas
  • Ready4H2 project, Hydrogen and Gas Decarbonization Package
  • The Development and Implementation of Network Codes

Relevant links:

European Commission Gas Regulatory Forum

Prime Mover Group Gas Quality & Hydrogen Handling

GEODE WG Regulation

Chairman: Per Everhill,  Manager Public Affairs, Tekninska Verken, SE

  • Review of Tariff Structures
  • Cost-Reflective Regulation
  • DSO Regulatory Framework allowing Investments and engaging in R&D

Relevant links:

European Commission Study on Tariff Design for Distribution Systems

GEODE WG Customer Dialogue

Chairman: Roland Tropper, Managing Director, VOEEW (AT)

  • Investigating the best practices about the relationships between utilities and their customers

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EC Citizens’ Energy Forum
Interim Report on Consumers as Energy Market Agents
Consumer Rights and Protection