The EU DSO Entity and ENTSO-E sign a Memorandum of Understanding on their cooperation

The EU DSO Entity and ENTSO-E signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two Associations. This took place in a small, virtual event, in the presence of both presidents, Mr. Hervé Laffaye and Mr. Vincenzo Ranieri, witnessed a.o. by Mrs. Catharina Sikow-Magny from DG ENER and both secretariats.

Through this MoU, the two Associations express their willingness to work together in several areas to contribute to the transition to a carbon-neutral European energy system. This will include the development, implementation, and monitoring of network codes and guidelines, and the promotion of best practices in the operation and planning of transmission and distribution power systems.

Commenting on the signature of the MoU, the President of the EU DSO Entity, Vincenzo Ranieri, said: “the ambitions to achieve a climate-neutral European society within 2050 require a strong collaboration between all the main stakeholders of the energy ecosystem, such as TSOs and DSOs. The MoU represents a key step in the path of dialogue our associations embraced, to contribute to a flexible, resilient, and open European Power System by defining standards and guidelines and nurturing our common knowledge”.

The first milestone will be the joint submission of the Draft Network Code on Cybersecurity to ACER on 14 January.

Read the Press Release here.

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