TEN-E: Council and Parliament reach provisional agreement on new rules for cross-border energy projects

On 15 December 2021,the Council presidency and the European Parliament’s negotiators reached a provisional political agreement on the revision of the Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) Regulation.

The Council and the Parliaments agreed on several points, including:
End of the support for new natural gas and oil projects and introduce mandatory sustainability criteria for all projects Simplify and accelerate permitting and authorisation procedures, notably by creating a unique point of contact per project for permitting and authorisation
– Allow during a transitional period until 31 December 2029, for dedicated hydrogen assets converted from natural gas to be used to transport or store a pre-defined blend of hydrogen with natural gas or biomethane. Eligibility for EU financial assistance for such projects will end on 31 December 2027
– Include in the scope of the Regulation certain types of electrolysers that account for at least 50 MW capacity, provided by a single electrolyser or by a set of electrolysers that form a single, coordinated project and that contribute to sustainability. Electrolysers will not be eligible for financing
– Emphasise the role of energy from renewable sources regarding all assets, including smart gas grids
-Strengthen the governance process for TEN-E with a stronger role for relevant stakeholders

The text of the provisional political agreement will be available soon.
The press release is available here.