New project explores hydrogen potential in Europe

DSOs from 13 countries across Europe launched on October 20, 2021 a new project called ‘Ready4H2’.

The project aims to combine the hydrogen expertise and experiences across the European DSOs creating a common understanding of how the DSOs and distribution networks can help facilitate the injection for hydrogen producers and access to hydrogen for consumers along the hydrogen value chain. 

The DSOs initiating the Ready4H2 project want to show how the distribution networks might be a possible key to realize the huge growth potential and deliver the CO2 reduction potential of hydrogen utilization.

The DSOs and distribution networks will be key to unlock the scaling of hydrogen production and consumption in Europe. With widespread networks across Europe, the DSOs are needed to complement the European TSOs’ plans about the Hydrogen Backbone, which will continue to handle gas at very high volumes. This decentralized presence of gas grids will contribute to unlock distributed hydrogen production and consumption through cost-effective injection solutions, says Peter Kristensen, Chairman of Ready4H2 and GEODE’s member.

For more information, please see Ready4H2 website, which will be updated throughout of the project.