GEODE shared its position on the Hydrogen and Gas Decarbonisation Package

On 12 April, GEODE submitted its response to the Commission’s consultation on the Hydrogen and Gas Markets Decarbonisation Package.

The feedback focuses on two legislative proposals of the package:

Directive on common rules for the internal markets in renewable and natural gases and in hydrogen (see GEODE’s feedback here)

Regulation on the internal markets for renewable and natural gases and hydrogen (see GEODE’s feedback here)

Based on the internal exchanges held within the WG Gas in the previous weeks, the response emphasizes that the Commission’s proposals represent a unique opportunity to promote system integration in the EU energy sector and scale up the share of renewable and low carbon gases as key drivers for decarbonisation. Hydrogen is key in this context and the package can dramatically enable its growth by fully recognising the crucial role distribution system operators can play to enable its integration and ramp up.