GEODE Webinar | EU Emergency Measures

To address the ongoing energy crisis, several measures have been discussed and proposed; both at the EU and national levels.
These measures are now (or will be soon) under implementation in EU Member States. With the objective to better understand the effects of these measures at national levels, GEODE is organizing a webinar aimed at addressing the following questions:

  • What was the impact of emergency measures for local DSOs and their customers?
  • Are the emergency measures proposed reaching the double objective of reducing prices while reducing demand?
  • To what extent the measures proposed at EU level mirror the ones previously implemented at national level?
  • Are more structural measures (i.e. revision electricity market design) needed beyond short term emergency measures?

To this end, the webinar will involve representatives from EU institutions and energy experts (from GEODE membership) from different nationalities who will share insights from their countries.

You will kindly find more information on our guest speakers and the agenda here below:

We look forward to welcoming you on December 12 for this timely topic!