EU Associations representing Gas DSOs jointly call for an impactful regulation on methane emissions

Brussels, 21 November 2022 – GEODE, GD4S, Cedec, and Eurogas join forces in a common statement calling for a more tailored approach to cutting methane emissions from the energy sector.

The four European associations representing the gas distribution system operators (DSO) ask for a results-oriented Regulation, based on the specificities of the different parts of the gas value chain – production, transmission, storage, and distribution – to optimise the reduction of methane emissions.

Recalling the characteristics that make distribution very different from other segments of the gas value chain, the four associations urge EU policy makers to acknowledge that a “one-size-fits-all” prescriptive approach is not suitable. For the Regulation to deliver truly significant methane emission reductions, GD4S, Cedec, Eurogas and Geode jointly call for setting measures that are effective, technically feasible and risk-based.

The full statement with the detailed recommendations can be found here below.