Distribution Grids: The Energy Transition’s Backbone

We are thrilled to share our latest GEODE paper on ‘Distribution Grids – The Energy Transition’s Backbone’

Through our latest publication, we explain the current challenges faced by Distribution System Operators (DSOs) in the daily operation of their grids, and how they are enablers of the changes in an evolving energy system.

Here are some of the key messages presented through our work:

  • DSOs – both for electricity and gas – stand at the core of an unprecedented transformation taking place in the energy system. DSOs are ready to play a more active role in the operation of their grids.
  • Decentralisation, democratisation and digitalisation trends are making DSOs the crucial actor in the electricity system.
  • DSOs are best placed to enable decarbonisation by facilitating the integration of hydrogen and biomethane.
  • It is essential to establish a proactive adequate regulatory framework acknowledging the role of DSOs and supporting and anticipating the necessary investments for upgrading and expanding the existing distribution grids, procurement of flexibility services and for strengthening its digital and data capabilities. Grid controllability and observability is crucial.
  • Measures for faster and simplified permitting procedures for new grid infrastructure are also needed.
  • DSOs require a toolbox of solutions to operate a future electricity grid fit for purpose.

The paper also includes case studies from GEODE members showcasing how DSOs are already transforming and innovating their operations now.

To read our latest GEODE paper, please click here: