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Past Events

GEODE Spring Seminar "Decarbonisation, Decentralisation & Digitalisation meeting Distribution Networks", Brussels, 29 May 2018


Pictures from the event

Tudor Constantinescu, European Commission

Anna Colucci, European Commission

Charles Esser, CEER

Manuel Sanchez, European Commission

Hans Kreisel, Skelleftea Kraft

Santi Martinez, Estabanell Energia

Jorma Myllymäki, Elenia

Randolph Brazier, ENA

Michaella Kollau, European Commission

Lauri Haapamäki, Sectra Communications

Armin Selhofer, Österreichs Energie

Michael Merz, Energy Data Exchange & Ponton


GEODE Autumnn Seminar "Local Energy Companies: Thinking Digital, Operating Smart", Västeras, 19 October 2017


Anna Korzinek, Representation of the European Commission in Sweden

Karin Tvingsjö, Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Magnus Brodin, Skelleftea Kraft Group

Wilfried Dauth, Siemens

Thomas Weisshaupt, Wirepass

Jan Pedersen, Agder Energi and Gronn Kontakt 

Lovisa Fricot Noren, Tekniska Verken Linköping

Florian Samweber, Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft

Gustaf Svantesson & Joel Mars Bodell, InnoEnergy Scandinavia

Erik Dahlquist, Mälardalen University  


GEODE Spring Seminar "The New Energy Market - How Success for Consumers depends on Local Energy Companies", Brussels, 11 May 2017


Joachim Balke, Member of Cabinet to Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete

Anna Colucci, Head of Unit, Internal Energy Market, DG ENER, European Commission

Garrett Blaney, Co-Chair of DSO Working Group, CEER

Martin Salamon, Seconded National Expert & Chief Economist at the Danish Consumer Council, BEUC - the European Consumer Organisation

Santi Martinez, Director Estabanell Energia & Chairman GEODE WG Customer Dialogue &- President of WG deliverable

Dr. Rudi Rienzner, CEO, South Tyrolean Energy Association

Dr. Götz Brühl, Managing Director, Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH & CO.KG

David Smith, Chief Executuve, Energy Networks Association

Hans Kreisel, CEO and President, Skelleftea Kraft Group



GEODE Workshop on "Smart Grid Projects", Brussels, 10 May 2017


Jan Pedersen, Head of Brussels Office, Agder Energi

Per Everhill, Business Development Manager, Tekniska Verken i Linköping

Johanna Rosenlind, Grid Developer, Mälarenergi Elnät AB

Jonathan Berry, Western Power Distribution

Christoph Larch, Managing Partner, SEV I Syneco

Timo Patana, Managing Director, Oulun Seudun Sähkö Verkkopalvelut Oy



GEODE Welcome Dinner and Excellent Award Ceremony, Brussels, 10 May 2017



GEODE Autumn Seminar "Renewables to the Markets - The Role of Local Energy Companies", Helsinki, 13 September 2016


Päivi Janka, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland

Manuel Baritaud, International Energy Agency

Asta ­­Sihvonen-Punkka, Fingrid Oyj

Dr. Götz Brühl, Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH & Co. KG

Markus Lorgen, Helen Oy

Mikael Dennbo, Kraftringen Energi AB

Dr. Andreas Schuster, Aspern Smart City Research GmbH

Niels Træholt Franck,

Dr. Santi Martinez, Ramon Gallart, Estabanell Energia SA

Jukka Lassila, Associate Professor, School of Energy Systems, Lapeenranta University of Technology


GEODE Launch event of its new Publications, Brussels, 7 July 2016

Presentation on GEODE Position Paper on Energy Storage by Jonathan Hallinder, Kraftringen Energi AB

Presentation on GEODE Fact Sheet on E-Mobility by Jonathan Hallinder, Kraftringen Energi AB

Presentation on the Role of the DSO in teh Electricity Market by Reinhard Brehmer, GEODE Chairman

Presentation on GEODE Key Messages on DSOs Network Tariffs Design by Carmen Gimeno, GEODE Secretary General

GEODE Publications

GEODE at the EUSEW, Join Gas DSO Workshop "The role of renewable gases in a smart low-carbon energy system", Brussels, 15 June 2016

Philipp Lukas, European Biogas Association

Bart Biebuyck, FCH-JU

Tony Glover, Energy Networks Association (Member of GEODE and Eurogas)

Bernd Kuepker, DG ENER, Renewables and CCS Policy

Press Release

GEODE Spring Seminar "Digitalisation and the Energy Sector", Brussels, 12 May 2016


Reinhard Brehmer, GEODE Chairman

David Socha, Teradata

Prof. Dr. Rainer M. Speh, Siemens

Jonathan Hallinder, Kraftringen Energi AB

Franz Fischer, Energie AG Öberösterreich Customer Services GmbH & Franz Strempfl, Energienetze Steiermark GmbH

Peat Watson, Scottich Power Energy Networks

Dr. Götz Brühl, Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH & Co.KG

Ville Sihvola, Elenia Oy

Jan Pedersen

Photo Gallery

GEODE 25th ANNIVERSARY CELLEBRATION " 25 Years of  Looking Ahead", Brussels, 12 May 2016

Press Release

Photo Gallery

GEODE/ENA Joint Event - the Launch of GEODE Green Gas Report, Brussels, 19 April 2016


Kyriakos Maniatis, European Commission

Peter Jakwerth, Wiener Netze GmbH

Morten Gyllenborg, NGF Nature Energy

Lars Holmquist, Goteborg Energi AB

David Parkin, National Grid

Photo Gallery

DSO Joint Annual Conference, Brussels,12 April  2016 


Photo Gallery

GEODE 3rd Workshop on Electricity Network Code, Brussels, 7 October 2015 


Carmen Gimeno, GEODE

Network Codes & Framework Guidelines

Implementation of NCs

DSO/TSO Cooperation Platform

Marc Malbrancke, CEDEC

David Trebolle, Unión Fenosa Distribución SA

Photo Gallery

GEODE Autumn Seminar, Berlin, 22 September 2015

"Developing Local Energy Management: Energy Efficieny and CHP"



Georg Zachmann - Bruegel Institute


Joakim Müller-Kirchenbauer - ITM Institut für Technologie und Management,Technische Universität Berlin


Rainer Kübler - Stadtwerke Bietigheim-Bissingen GmbH, Germany

Lars Holmquist - Göteborg Energi AB, Sweden

Philip Bale - Western Power Distribution, United Kingdom


Marko Riipinen - Helen Oy (Helsingin Energia), Finland

Jacob Hartvig Simonsen - Danish Waste Association, Denmark

Frank Voßloh - Viessmann Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Photo Gallery

GEODE Spring Seminar, Brussels, 7 May 2015

"DSOs working closer to the customer" 



Garrett Blaney - Council of European Energy Regulators 


Jarmo Partanen - University of Lapeenrante, Finland 

Mia Koenig - Kraftringen AB, Sweden

Johannes Zimmerberger - Linz Strom & Linz Gas, Austria


Silvia Angelo - Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour

Frédérique Coffre - National Energy Ombusdman Network


Jan Pedersen, Agder Energi, Norway

Jessica Strömbäck, Smart Energy Demand Coaltion

Photo Gallery

GEODE Workshop, Brussels, 6 May 2015

"Smart Grids Projects across Europe"


Henrik Dam - European Commission

Walter Schaffer - Salzburg Netz, Austria

Dr. Andreas Nolde - Smart Area Aachen

Johanna Rosenlind - Mälarenergi Elnät, Sweden

Alma Solar, Cooperative Eléctrica de Alginet, Spain

Philip Bale - Western Power Distribution, UK

Arjen Jongepier, Delta Netwerkgroep, The Netherlands

Petteri Heinänen - Aidon, Finland

Johannes Zimmerberger, Linz Strom & Linz Gas, Austria

Santi Martinez, Estabanell Energia, Spain

Christoph Larch, Syneco tech, Austria


GEODE Autumn Seminar, Barcelona, 27 November 2014

"Efficient Energy Markets - The Role of Local Energy Companies" 


Patricia de Suzzoni - Efficient Energy Markets, the European Regulators Perspective

Efficient Local / Regional Energy Markets - Practical Experiences - Developing Business Models


Norway - Jan Pedersen 

Sweden - Mats Didriksson

Spain - Santi Martinez 

Finland - Pekka Salomaa 

Uncertainties on Future Demand and Supply - The Gas Market's Role in Providing Flexibility 


Denmark - Hans-Duus Jorgensen 

Spain - Carmen Vindel 

Linking the Gas, Electricity and Heating Grids: CHP

Germany - Götz Brühl 

GEODE 2nd Workshop on Electricity Network Codes, Brussels, 1 October 2014


Presentation on State of Play of the Network Codes' Drafting Process

GEODE Overview Presentation

GEODE Spring Seminar "The Role of the DSOs in the Retail Energy Market ", Brussels, 13 May 2014

This year's Spring Seminar ran under the title "The role of the DSOs in the Retail Energy Market ". The Commission represented by Mr Jan Panek, Head of Unit Internal Energy Markets and the European Regulators - CEER represented by Garrett Blaney co-chair of DSOs WG presented their views on the role and new challenges for DSOs, followed by presentations on examples from Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands showing what DSOs can contribute to the dialogue which is currently ongoing among European decision-makers and regulatory authorities. Mrs Törnblom from DG SANCO explained the challenges and expectations when it comes to the engagement of consumers. The event was closed by the traditional round table debate where participants from the European Commission DG-ENER and DG-SANCO and stakeholders EPIA, SEDC and DSO discussed how DSOs are making the retail market work.

Final Programme

Presentations given:

Jan Panek - The European Electricity Retail Market, the European Commission Perspective

Garrett Blaney - Future Role of DSOs, the Regulators Perspective

Roles and Reponsabilities of DSOs, the Industry Perspective

Colin Lustenhouwer, The Netherlands

Henrik Forsgren, Sweden

Stefan Ohmen, Germany

Hans Taus - GEODE Report "Flexibility in tomorrow's energy system - DSOs' approach"

Carina Törnblom - Consumers' Engagement 

GEODE Launch Event of Svensk Energi Report "Our Electricity - what really lies ahead?", Brussels, 28 April 2014

Svensk Energi presented the report “Our Electricity – what really lies ahead?” that was launched in Brussels in a joint event organized by Svensk Energi and GEODE on 28 April in Brussels.

Read the report

GEODE Workshop "From Theory to Reality" - Presentation of Case Studies to the Report "Bringing Intelligence to the Grids"

Brussels, 20.3.14

During this interactive Workshop GEODE presented smart grids case studies, the follow up to the "Bringing Intelligence to the Grid" report that was launched in May 2013. They reveal the smart work being undertaken by DSOs across Europe taking smart gris from "theory to reality". More than 40 participants from the Europan insitutions, regulatory bodies and the industry lively discussed experiences made in European Member States such as Italy, Sweden, Finland, France and the UK. Further topics were telecommunications in smart grids as well as cyber security issues relevant for DSOs.

See the programme


Overview of Smart Meters Roll-Out across Europe - Carmen Gimeno

Smart Meters Roll-Out - The Italian Experience - Christoph Larch

Smart Meters Roll-Out - The Nordic Experience - Per Everhill

UK Low Carbon Network Fund - Jamie McWilliam

Telecommunications for Smart Grids - Adrian Grilli

Smart Grids Projects in Grenoble - Nicolas Fléchon

DSO Cyber Security Issues - Reinhard Brehmer

GEODE Autumn Seminar "DSOs' Practical Experiences"

Brighton, 12.11.13

On 12 November GEODE held its annual Autumn Seminar in Brighton, UK, running under the title "Bringing Intelligence to the Grid - DSOs' Practical Experiences". High-level speakers from the European institutions, national governments and the industry presented and discussed experiences from different European countries on how intelligence has been brought to the grid, the benefits for customers, the smart regulation therefore required as well as the need for rethinking tariffs structure.

To read more, please click here



Andrew Burgess - Low Carbon Network Fund

Tony Glover - Knowledge Sharing Dissemination

Chris King - Empowering Energy Consumers

Jonas Persson - Learnings from the Swedish Market

Ville Sihvola - Utilization of Automatic Meter Management

Michael Strebl - Small Scale Generation connected to DSO Grid

Kenneth Hänninen - Developing DSO’s Tariff Structure

GEODE Spring Seminar, 29 May 2013, Brussels

This year's Spring Seminar ran under the title "Bringing Intelligence to the Grid - Investments in the distribution newtworks are vital: how can they be financed?". The key note speech was given by Mr Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, the recently appointed Director for Internal Energy Market from DG-ENER, European Commission, followed by presentations on the need for investments in the distribution networks, the smart regulation therefore required that incentivises these investments as well as future retail energy market designs and demand response in the framework of the EC Communication on the internal energy market. Speakers presented the perspectives of regulatory bodies such as CEER, the industry side as well as the detailed views of the European Commission Officials Mr Jan Panek and Mr Manuel Sanchez.

Here you will find the presentations given at the seminar:

Programme of the Seminar

Jan Panek - Investments in the Distribution Networks

Andrew Burgess, Friso Koel - Balancing Systam Ambitions & Customer Affordability

Paul Fidler - Investments in the Distribution Networks, DSO Perspective from the UK

Manuel Sanchez - Internal Energy Market. Retail Market Design & Demand Response

Osmo Huhtala - R & D Investments

From the Round Table:

Kenneth Hänninen - Tariff Structure Developement

Joakim Bogdanoff - Examples of National Approaches on Tariff Structures, Sweden

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