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EC Communication on the Internal Energy Market published!

On Monday, 13 October 2014, the European Commission adopted its progress report on the Internal Energy Market as a major step towards completing the IEM. The report shows the main achievements and challenges as well as reports on the trends and developments of the developing EU Energy Markets. It also highlights the fact that in order to reap full benefits more investment is needed in strategic cross-border infrastructure, and developing smart grids for electricity. DSOs are mentioned in chapter 3.2.3. in the context of flexibilitiy, intelligent investments, adequate incentives through tariff regulation and data management.

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European Parliament elects Juncker Commission

On 22 October, the European Parliament gave its strong support to the new European Commission with 423 votes in favour, 209 against and 67 abstentions. The Juncker Commission can thus start its term of office on 1 November 2014. The new merged portfolio of Climate Action and Energy has gone to the Spanish politician Miguel Arias Cañete. Cañete has a long history in politics, serving both in the European Parliament and his home country - as Spain's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, but ran as the People's Party's candidate for the European Parliamentary elections of 2014.

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ACER's Presentation of its Conclusions Paper: "Energy Regulation: Bridge to 2025"

On 23 September 2014, The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators presented their “Bridge to 2025” Conclusions Paper to high level European Commission officials and stakeholders in Brussels. The paper, which is the result of extensive public consultation, identifies the challenges Europe's energy markets will face in the coming 10 years and recommends a set of actions that need to be taken by regulators, Member States, the European Commission and energy actors (including consumers).

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New Publications

GEODE Report "Flexibility in tomorrow's energy system - DSOs' approach" 

The European Union faces the need for a major change in the way it generates, distributes and consumers electrical energy. GEODE’s new report ” Flexibility in Tomorrow’s Energy System – DSOs’ Approach” focuses on an important part of this process as the ability to deliver greater flexibility through smarter networks that will be vital to the success of the DSOs in the coming years. GEODE’s report shows what can be achieved through greater Demand Side Flexibility in the system and how it can really benefit DSOs and most importantly customers. The paper also highlights the importance of DSOs’ and regulatory authorities’ more active engagement with customers to increase the understanding and build trust in the technology, which will ultimately be key to its success.

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GEODE Report "Gas works. The future of gas distribution networks - delivering gas to consumers"  

GEODE has produced this new report" Gas works. The Future Role of Gas Distribution Networks. Delivering Gas to Consumers" to demonstrate the central role the gas Distribution System Operators (DSOs) have to play in the design of the energy market of the future. GEODE’s report shows how the traditional role of the gas DSO is changing as DSOs move from being only gas transporters distributing gas efficiently and safely to the consumers to providing innovative services to consumers and enabling interoperable solutions to market participants. The DSO has a key role to play through its operational activities to ensure it meets the needs of gas suppliers and their customers.

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