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15 energy infrastructure projects receive EU funding

The EU's Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has signed 15 grant agreements for priority energy infrastructure projects in Europe. These projects are the first of 34 projects to receive a total of €647 million under the EU's Connecting Europe Facility 2014 call for proposals. The projects – which are part of one of the 248 Projects of Common Interest selected by the European Commission - aim to upgrade existing energy infrastructure and develop new energy transmission infrastructure of crucial importance to Europe's energy security. They will also support the deployment of large-scale renewable energy

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GEODE at EC Citizens' Energy Forum in London, 12&13 March

GEODE was participating at the European Commission Citizens' Energy Forum in person of Reinhard Brehmer, GEODE Chairman, Andreas Rydbo, GEODE Vice-President and Carmen Gimeno, GEODE Secretary General. The 2 day event is aiming to further analyse the role of consumers in a well-functioning energy retail market. The discussions of the break-out sessions focus on the following topics: from smart meters to new markets in smart services; innovative ways of engaging consumers; new market practices and enforcement. Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Arias Canete said: "Consumers are to be put at the heart of the energy market. A passive consumer is a waste of opportunities". He acknowledges DSOs have to be incentivised and further network investments are needed. Also, the Commission has made a first step by creating a platform for a better cooperation among DSOs and TSOs. "DSOs are the ones managing local problems in local grids at lower costs", he added.

New Publications

GEODE Leaflet "DSOs working closer to the Customer"

The new GEODE Leaflet is a useful and compact marketing tool presenting the vital role of electricity and gas distribution grids for the energy system and hence for society as such - in particular in a smart grids environment. It also shows how local energy distributors are best positioned to cover local needs working closer to the customer. European gas and electricity networks will not become smart and the energy transition will not happen without energy distributors’ involvement!

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Cross-sector coalition calls for EU-wide action against metal theft

GEODE, together with ten associations representing the railway, public transport, and energy sectors as well as the recycling industry - all highly affected by metal theft – are calling on EU policy makers to take action in order to prevent and counter metal theft in Europe. The newly formed coalition is today issuing a common statement setting out the areas in which EU-wide action is necessary to counter the phenomenon.

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GEODE Press Release to the 2015 Spring Seminar "DSOs working closer to the customer"

At this year's Spring Seminar of GEODE participants were able to experience how “DSOs are working closer to the customer.” ‘Closer’ because developments transforming the energy system such as micro-generation, more electric vehicles and customers getting engaged through smart meters are making local DSOs work closer to their customer. “We DSOs talk about customers and not any more consumers”, said GEODE Chairman Reinhard Brehmer. He also stated DSOs would need support and are - regardless of their size - innovative: “the smaller the company, the closer DSOs are to the customer”.

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