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Security measures for smart grids

In its Communication on "Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment" dated 2012, the European Commission has recognised that smart grids, as a Critical Infrastructure, should operate securely and respect end users' privacy. For this reason, the Commission has decided to further investigate the challenges of ensuring adequate smart grid protection in the EU. This has led to the formulation of this document, entitled ‘Proposal for a list of security measures for smart grid'

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New: Interactive maps for projects of common interests

In 2013, the European Commission has adopted a list of 248 key energy infrastructure projects. These projects have been selected by twelve regional groups established by the new guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E). Carrying the label "projects of common interest" (PCI) they will benefit from faster and more efficient permit granting procedures and improved regulatory treatment. Now, implementation plans are available on an interactive map.

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State aid: Commission adopts new rules on public support for environmental protection and energy

The European Commission has adopted new rules on public support for projects in the field of environmental protection and energy. The guidelines will support Member States in reaching their 2020 climate targets, while addressing the market distortions that may result from subsidies granted to renewable energy sources. To this end, the guidelines promote a gradual move to market-based support for renewable energy. They also provide criteria on how Member States can relieve energy intensive companies that are particularly exposed to international competition from charges levied for the support of renewables.

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New Publications

New GEODE Report "Gas works. The future of gas distribution networks - delivering gas to consumers"  

GEODE has produced this new report" Gas works. The Future Role of Gas Distribution Networks. Delivering Gas to Consumers" to demonstrate the central role the gas Distribution System Operators (DSOs) have to play in the design of the energy market of the future. GEODE’s report shows how the traditional role of the gas DSO is changing as DSOs move from being only gas transporters distributing gas efficiently and safely to the consumers to providing innovative services to consumers and enabling interoperable solutions to market participants. The DSO has a key role to play through its operational activities to ensure it meets the needs of gas suppliers and their customers.

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New GEODE Case Studies to the Report "Bringing Intelligence to the Grids"

GEODE launched the Case Studies to the Report "Bringing Intelligence to the Grids" at the evening reception on 12 November in Brighton. Earlier this year, GEODE launched its major Report "Bringing Intelligence to the Grids". The report was well received by the European Commission and all those opinion formers who attended its launch in Brussels. Set out within this latest addition to GEODE’s work on smart grids, are the case studies that have informed the thinking behind our earlier recommendations. These new case studies are about the continued sharing of expert knowledge from across the GEODE membership.

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