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EC releases Communication on Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Communication released on 23 July 2014 by the European Commission proposes a new EU’s energy efficiency target of 30% for 2030. The Communication assesses the EU's progress towards its 20% energy efficiency goal for 2020 and analyses how energy efficiency can drive competitiveness and strengthen security of supply in the European Union in the future. It also says that the 20% target can be reached with no need for further legislation and additional measures. However, to achieve this goal, more Member States must work to properly implement Energy Efficiency directive first. Currently, Italy, Cyprus, Denmark, Malta and Sweden have so far declared full transposition of the Energy Efficiency Directive in their national legislation. The deadline for doing so was 5 June.

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EC European Energy Consumers' Rights Brochure

The “European Energy Consumers' Rights Brochure – What you gain as an energy consumer from European legisation” was published by the European Commission in June 2014. The paper aims to enable energy consumers to understand what rights they should be guaranteed in national laws of each country that must refelct provisions in EU legisation.

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CEER Advice Ensuring Market and Regulatory Arrangements help deliver Demand-Side Flexibility

This paper sets out the background, definitions, opportunities and barriers associated with the emergence of DSF - according to CEER, the Council of European Energy Regulators. It concludes by offering a series of high level principles which regulators consider should govern how DSF operates as well as a number of short-medium term recommendations for regulators and other interested parties to take forward.

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EC Report on Progress on Smart Metering across Europe

This report by the European Commission, released on 17 June 2014, measures progress on the deployment of smart meters across the EU. To date, Member States have committed to rolling out close to 200 million smart meters for electricity and 45 million for gas by 2020 at a total potential investment of €45 billion. By 2020, it is expected that almost 72% of European consumers will have a smart meter for electricity while 40% will have one for gas.

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New Publications

New GEODE Report "Flexibility in tomorrow's energy system - DSOs' approach" 

The European Union faces the need for a major change in the way it generates, distributes and consumers electrical energy. GEODE’s new report ” Flexibility in Tomorrow’s Energy System – DSOs’ Approach” focuses on an important part of this process as the ability to deliver greater flexibility through smarter networks that will be vital to the success of the DSOs in the coming years. GEODE’s report shows what can be achieved through greater Demand Side Flexibility in the system and how it can really benefit DSOs and most importantly customers. The paper also highlights the importance of DSOs’ and regulatory authorities’ more active engagement with customers to increase the understanding and build trust in the technology, which will ultimately be key to its success.

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New GEODE Report "Gas works. The future of gas distribution networks - delivering gas to consumers"  

GEODE has produced this new report" Gas works. The Future Role of Gas Distribution Networks. Delivering Gas to Consumers" to demonstrate the central role the gas Distribution System Operators (DSOs) have to play in the design of the energy market of the future. GEODE’s report shows how the traditional role of the gas DSO is changing as DSOs move from being only gas transporters distributing gas efficiently and safely to the consumers to providing innovative services to consumers and enabling interoperable solutions to market participants. The DSO has a key role to play through its operational activities to ensure it meets the needs of gas suppliers and their customers.

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