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CEER Advice on Data Management for Better Retail Market Functionings published!

CEER published on 18 March the Advice on Data Management for Better Retail Market Functionings. This document outlines five guiding principles to form a basis for energy customer data management models in Europe: Privacy and Security; Transparency; Accuracy; Accessibility; and Non-Discrimination. Alongside these principles, CEER makes seven concrete recommendations to facilitate the development of customer data management in European energy retail markets.

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GEODE at EC Citizens' Energy Forum in London, 12&13 March

GEODE was participating at the European Commission Citizens' Energy Forum in person of Reinhard Brehmer, GEODE Chairman, Andreas Rydbo, GEODE Vice-President and Carmen Gimeno, GEODE Secretary General. The 2 day event is aiming to further analyse the role of consumers in a well-functioning energy retail market. The discussions of the break-out sessions focus on the following topics: from smart meters to new markets in smart services; innovative ways of engaging consumers; new market practices and enforcement. Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Arias Canete said: "Consumers are to be put at the heart of the energy market. A passive consumer is a waste of opportunities". He acknowledges DSOs have to be incentivised and further network investments are needed. Also, the Commission has made a first step by creating a platform for a better cooperation among DSOs and TSOs. "DSOs are the ones managing local problems in local grids at lower costs", he added.

Energy Union Package released!

Creating a European Energy Union is one of President Juncker's political priorities. At the same time, EU leaders have also agreed on new targets for energy and climate for 2030, and geopolitical events are taking place that highlight the precariousness of Europe's dependency on external oil and gas supplies. Three factors - the new Commission, geopolitics and the 2030 targets - mean the time is ripe for Energy Union. Therefore the European Commission released the Energy Union Communication on 25 February laying out the energy policy framework for the upcoming 5 years and beyond. Together with this document, 2 more Communications were published: one on the "Road to Paris" and one on achieving the 10% interconnection target.

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New Publications

GEODE Press Release on the Energy Union Communication

GEODE welcomes the EC Communication on Energy Union released on 25 February, setting the framework for a "resilient Energy Union with an ambitious climate policy" that "puts European citizens – households and businesses - first". The message provided by the Commission shows the veritable intention to achieve the Energy Union through 15 concrete action points.

The Communication calls for a fundamental transformation of Europe’s energy system. One of the main drivers is the increasing broad range of distributed energy resources (DER) which are mostly connected to distribution grids that will develop more and more decentralized energy markets, with new tasks and opportunities for DSOs.

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GEODE Report "Flexibility in tomorrow's energy system - DSOs' approach" 

The European Union faces the need for a major change in the way it generates, distributes and consumers electrical energy. GEODE’s new report ” Flexibility in Tomorrow’s Energy System – DSOs’ Approach” focuses on an important part of this process as the ability to deliver greater flexibility through smarter networks that will be vital to the success of the DSOs in the coming years. GEODE’s report shows what can be achieved through greater Demand Side Flexibility in the system and how it can really benefit DSOs and most importantly customers. The paper also highlights the importance of DSOs’ and regulatory authorities’ more active engagement with customers to increase the understanding and build trust in the technology, which will ultimately be key to its success.

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