The voice of local energy distributors
across Europe


Founded in 1991 GEODE is made up of European independent distribution companies of gas and electricity. The association represents through their close to 100 members more than 1400 utilities in 15 countries, both private & public owned. We serve a population of 100 million customers.

GEODE defends the interest of the local energy distributors in front of energy decision makers on national and European level and allows the exchange of expertise among their members.


How your information will be used

At GEODE we value your privacy and we only request personal data which are necessary for the performance of our mission. We seek to keep you informed about the way we use your personal data, as well as your rights under the relevant European and national legislations. 

By registering for participation to the events and activities organised by GEODE, you agree that some minimum personal data will be collected and processed by GEODE for the purpose of the facilitation of your participation to such event or activity. Third parties that are hosting or co-organising these events may also be provided access to these personal data. Additionally, your contact information will be used by GEODE in order to provide you with updates on similar events in the future. You can request to unsubscribe from such updates by sending an email at gdpr[at]

You consent that during the GEODE events you may be photographed or video recorded. Such photos and videos are used exclusively by GEODE for reporting of such events and are not used for any commercial purpose.

In those cases where you will request subscription to the relevant GEODE newsletters, you agree that your personal data that you have agreed to provide, will be included in a contact list and you will be regularly contacted with relevant communications. 

You have the right at any time to request to unsubscribe from such contact lists by sending an email to gdpr[at] 

GEODE does not use your personal data for any commercial purposes and does not transfer these personal data to third parties for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

Last updated:  25 May 2018

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