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GEODE Autumn Seminar "Local Energy Companies - Thinking Digital, Operating Smart", Västerås, 19.10.2017


GEODE Autumn Seminar "Renewables to the Markets - The Role of Local Energy Companies", Helsinki, 13.9.16


GEODE at the EUSEW, Join Gas DSO Workshop "The role of renewable gases in a smart low-carbon energy system", Brussels, 15.06.16 

GEODE Spring Seminar "Digitalisation and the Energy Sector", Brussels, 12.05.16

GEODE 25th Anniversary Celebration "25 Years of  Looking Ahead", Brussels, 12.05.16

GEODE/ENA Joint Event - the Launch of GEODE Green Gas Report, Brussels, 19.04. 16 

GEODE DSO Joint Annual Conference, Brussels, 12.04.16 


GEODE 3rd Workshop on Electricity Network Codes, Brussels, 7.10.15

GEODE Autumn Seminar, Berlin, 22.9.15

GEODE Spring Seminar, Brussels, 7.5.15

GEODE Reception Dinner, Brussels, 6.5.15


GEODE Autumn Seminar, Barcelona, 27.11.14


GEODE Spring Seminar, Brussels, 13.5.14

GEODE Reception and Launch of Report "Flexibility in tomorrow's energy system - DSOs' approach", Brussels, 12.5.14

 Smart Rural Grid Workshop, Brussels, 12.5.14

GEODE Workshop "From Theory to Reality", Brussels, 20.3.14


GEODE Reception and Autumn Seminar, Brighton, 12.11.13

GEODE Reception and Presentation of Report "Bringing Intelligence to the Grids, Brussels, 28.5.13 & GEODE Spring Seminar, 29.5.13

GEODE Dinner-Debate, European Parliament, 23.1.13

GEODE Board Meetings


GEODE WG Smart Grids Meetings

Further Events & Pictures

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