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Press Release: GEODE launches a new report on Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and the customer interface

Press Release: A toolbox for TSOs and DSOs to make use of new system and grid services

TSO-DSO Report: "An integrated approach to Active System Management"


Press Release: GEODE welcomes deal for an Energy Market Design for Europe

Joint response to European Commission vision for a climate neutral economy

GEODE Statement to European Commission Strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe by 2050

DSO concerns on Key Organisational Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities (KORRR) on data exchange

Press Release: GEODE welcomes new Chairman

Press Release: Electricity and Gas Associations team up on flexibility in Energy Transition

Joint Statement on the EU DSO Entity (EDSO, Eurelectric, GEODE)


GEODE Statement on the European Commission's Winter Package

TSO-DSO Data Management Report

GEODE Position Paper on the Role of the DSO in the Electricity Market

GEODE Key Messages on the DSOs' Network Tariffs Design

GEODE Fact Sheet on E-Mobility

GEODE Position Paper on Energy Storage – "Functions of Electricity Storage for the Grid"

GEODE Press Release "25 Years of Looking Ahead!"

GEODE Green Gas Report "A Sustainable Europe: Green Gas. Green Grids.Green Future"

GEODE Comments to the Draft Report Towards a New Energy Market Design

GEODE Comments to the Draft Report New Deal for Energy Consumers

GEODE Statement "GEODE supporting local energy companies since 1991"



GEODE says YES to an ambitious global agreement at COP21 in Paris

GEODE Leaflet "DSOs working closer to the Customer"

GEODE Position Paper on Electricity Market Design and Capacity Mechanisms in Europe

GEODE Press Release on EC Communications on Energy Market Design and Consumers

GEODE Comments on EC Public Consultation on Priority List 2016

GEODE Reply to Public Consultation on ACER Work Programme 2016

GEODE Leaflet DSOs working closer to the Customer

GEODE Reply on CEER Public Consultation on the Role of DSOs 



GEODE Press Release to EC Communication on Internal Energy Market

GEODE Comments to the ACER Public Consultation "European Energy Regulation: A Bridge to 2025"

GEODE Comments to the ECORYS Draft Study "The role of DSOs in a smart grid environment"

GEODE Comments to the PC on the Establishment of Priority Topics 2015

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DSO concerns on Key Organisational Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities (KORRR) on data exchange

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