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GEODE Reports

Distribution System Operators Transforming the Customer Experience

Flexibility in the Energy Transition: a Toolbox for Electricity DSOs

Flexibility in the Energy Transition: a Toolbox for Gas DSOs

GEODE Position Paper on the Role of the DSO in the Electricity Market

GEODE Key Messages on the DSOs' Network Tariffs Design

GEODE Fact Sheet on E-Mobility

GEODE Report on Storage – "Functions of Electricity Storage for the Grid" May 2016

GEODE Green Gas Report "A Sustainable Europe: Green Gas. Green Grids.Green Future" April 2016

GEODE Report "Electricity Market Design and Capacity Mechanisms in Europe" July 2015

GEODE Report "Flexibility in tomorrow's energy system - DSOs' approach" May 2014

GEODE Report "Gas works. The future of gas distibution networks" April 2014

GEODE Report "Case Studied to the Report Bringing Intelligence to the Grids " November 2013

GEODE Report "The Development of the DSO's Tariffs Structure" September 2013

GEODE Report "Bringing Intellignce to the Grid" May 2013

GEODE Position Paper on Meter Data Management January 2013






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