The voice of local energy distributors
across Europe



GEODE is the European Voice of local Energy Distributors across Europe!

The mission statement of GEODE is to establish equal opportunity access to European energy infrastrutures for all those involved in serving the customer needs on energy, with the aim  to create a truly competitive European energy market.

GEODE Members agree with the principles listed below:

1. A diverse European energy industry needs the presence of international, national and local energy companies.

2. Reliability, efficiency and sustainability must be the guiding principles for the energy industry.

3. Distribution system operators have a key role to play in enabling competition,    ensuring security of supply and delivering a smart grid.

4. Distribution companies must implement unbundling provisions to avoid discrimination against other market players.

5. A fully competitive European internal energy market has to be achieved.

6. Network tariffs must allow network operators to make the necessary investments in the grid.

7. Distribution system operators can make a substantial contribution to overall network management, energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energies taking advantage of smart grids and intelligent metering systems.

8. The European energy market is strengthened by the presence of local companies who have the relevant local knowledge to handle tasks in the most efficient way.


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